Client Roles & Responsibilities

Your Primary Roles
  • Clients are asked to actively participate in decision making about their care.

  • Clients are expected to maintain good health during their pregnancies. A balanced diet, adequate rest and exercise contribute to healthy pregnancies. Clients should receive regular prenatal care.

  • It is beneficial for expectant parents to educate themselves on pregnancy, labour and birth either through prenatal classes or self-education. You are invited to use the clinic lending library which includes books and videos.

  • Before coming to a morning clinic appointment, call the office to find out if your midwife has had to cancel her appointments on short notice. When an appointment is canceled you will need to call the office to book a new appointment.



"Midwives' care is individualized.
It is important for you to make her aware
of your expectations."


  • In order to be effective caregivers we ask that clients keep us well informed of problems or situations that may affect their care.

  • There are times when birth plans have to be changed. These may involve choice of birthplace (i.e. from home to hospital) or caregiver (i.e. from midwife to physician). We will explain any of these changes if they happen.

  • If you are dissatisfied with your care we encourage you to discuss this with your midwife. We welcome constructive criticism. We value feedback and encourage you to honestly fill out the questionnaire you will receive at your final postpartum visit.



"Consumers of midwifery
care will always need to play an important 
role in protecting the midwifery
model of care."


  • We encourage you to join the Ontario Midwifery Consumer Network (OMCN), a consumer lobby group. We occasionally loan our mailing list to the local OMCN Chapter. If you do not wish your name to be on the mailing list please let us know. Contact the Consumer network at