Midwifery Care

Midwives are the experts in normal birth. That means we take care of healthy people experiencing healthy pregnancies. When a pregnancy moves outside of normal, we consult with a physician. Link to College of Midwives Consultation StandardOften we work in concert with the physician; sometimes we transfer care to the physician.


If your midwife transfers your care to a physician this means that the physician becomes your primary caregiver instead of your midwife. For this period of time, your physician and/or nurses provide your care and monitoring. Your midwife's role is to advocate and support. Care may be transferred back to the midwife when appropriate and when agreed upon by all parties.


Taking Charge of Your Care


Midwives encourage clients to be active participants in their own care. You can find links to blank antenatal forms that all Ontario health care providers providing maternity care, use as well as a questionnaire reflecting on your family life on our site. If you like, feel free to print and complete these and to bring them with you.


Prenatal Care


Our care includes the monitoring of fetal growth, fetal heart rate and position, urinalysis, blood tests, blood pressure, ultrasound (depending on request and indication), and general health. We can provide counseling and advice on nutrition, exercise, and the social and emotional aspects of pregnancy.


One-on-one prenatal visits with your midwife occur every four weeks until 28 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks, and weekly until the birth. Incorporated into our standard prenatal care is the Centering Pregnancy program, in which we are pleased to offer group prenatal sessions that allow our clients to connect with other pregnant people in the community while learning  about important topics for prenatal discussion.


Continuity of Care:


It is important to us that all our clients work with a caregiver whom they know and trust. Research suggests that continuity of care allows for the best outcomes and the best client satisfaction. Our clinic typically operates in a “primary call” model: This means you will meet a small team of midwives, with one responsible for coordinating your care, so that you have the best chance of having a known midwife attend you during your birth.


In the event that your midwife is attending a birth during your scheduled clinic appointment, you may have a visit with another midwife.



Labour and Birth


Choice of Birth Place: The Midwifery Collective of Ottawa offers labour and birth at home, the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre and at The Ottawa Hospital – Civic Campus.



During labour the midwives are responsible for monitoring maternal and fetal well-being. Two midwives are present at all births and the second midwife typically attends within the hour before the birth.



Postpartum Care


The postpartum period is the time from the birth of the baby until 6 weeks after the birth. We are responsible for both the birthing person and baby.


Immediately after the birth, we remain with you and the baby for a few hours (usually 3 hrs) to ensure that you both are well. Typically we will see you three times at home in the first week (within 24 hrs of the birth, day 3 and day 5) to support your transition to parenthood.


Further visits occur in the clinic, all being well. In addition, we are excited to offer the Centering Postpartum program visit at 4 weeks. This is a group visit with a short individual visit with a midwife for a baby weight/checkup.


At the conclusion of your care at 6 weeks postpartum, we provide you with a copy of your records as well as preparing a summary document about your pregnancy, birth and baby’s wellbeing and growth to bring to your physician/nurse practitioner.


After sharing such a wonderful journey, we often have a hard time saying goodbye! We have solved this problem by having an annual client picnic where we can reconnect and see how your baby has grown!


Additional documents and information concerning our Midwifery care: