Privacy Policy

Confidentiality Agreement

We respect each client's right to complete confidentiality. However, a large part of our work involves educating pregnant people and their families about pregnancy, birth and parenting. One of our most useful tools in teaching is telling anonymous birth stories or showing photos shared with us by parents. Please let us know if you are not comfortable with your story or photos being used in this way. We also support the study of birth related topics and midwifery care and your records may be available anonymously for research and statistical analysis.


The midwives of this practice meet on a regular basis with other midwives to discuss problems and topics of interest. At these meetings (peer review) your situation may be discussed anonymously.

It is important you feel safe when disclosing information to your midwife please let us know how we can facilitate this for you.

We encourage all clients to plan to attend at least one appointment by themselves so that there is an opportunity to discuss any privacy issues with their midwife.



The Midwifery Collective of Ottawa Privacy Statement

This Midwifery Practice Group is bound by law and professional ethics to safeguard your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information.

This includes:

  • Collecting only the information that may be necessary for your care;

  • Keeping accurate and up-to-date records;

  • Safeguarding the medical records in our possession;

  • Sharing information with other health-care providers and organizations on a "need-to-know" basis where required for your health care;

  • Disclosing information to third parties only with your express consent, or as permitted or required by law; and

  • Retaining/destroying records in accordance with the law.

You will be asked to sign a consent form that gives your consent for our collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information for purposes related to your care.

You have the right to see your records. You may also obtain copies of your records please see our Client Coordinator.

Please speak to your midwife if you have any concerns about the accuracy of your records.

If you would like to discuss our privacy policy in more detail, or have specific questions or complaints about how your information is handled, please speak to your midwife.

For additional information, you may obtain a copy of our Privacy Policy from our staff.