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Our practice, like in the majority of the province, is a teaching practice. We may have two or three students each year from the University based midwifery education program. As part of their clinical education they will be involved in all aspects of your care. They will always work under the supervision of one of the registered midwives, also known as preceptors. We appreciate your support in our endeavors to have well trained future midwives.


The Midwifery Collective of Ottawa is a teaching practice, which means that student midwives may be involved in your care. Depending on their level of expertise, they may be observing at your prenatal visits, labours, births, and the postpartum, or as they advance through the programme, be taking on the responsibilities of a primary midwife. During the last year of the university programme, students are expected to be more autonomous, moving toward being an independent practitioner, in which case they will be responsible for co-ordination your care under the supervision of their preceptor. As a client of the Midwifery Collective, you should be aware that you always have access to a registered midwife and should feel comfortable contacting or paging her at any time. Should your known primary midwife be unavailable due to other commitments, you may contact any other of the midwives at the Collective in order to have your immediate concerns addressed.

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