“I had yet another great experience with my midwife. The midwives are understanding that other children may be present at appointments and provide toys to occupy them. My midwife also allowed my children to be involved in each visit with things such as helping take my blood pressure or listening to the baby's heart with the Doppler. My midwife also thoroughly discussed aspects of subsequent births and how they can differ from previous births. When my baby was 14 days late we went in for an induction. My midwife was with me the whole time, consulted with an obstetrician when needed but also stood up for me when required. In the end we were able to beckon my son into the world with my husband on one side of me and my midwife on the other. It was another amazing experience. ”

Julia Driedger

“...I contacted the Midwifery Collective of Ottawa and was placed under the care of a midwife. She was great. She always took the time to explain to me, in detail, the different stages of my pregnancy. She would tell me exactly what was going on with me, how my baby was doing, and what I was to expect in the coming months. I also had the opportunity to meet with a couple other midwives and get to know them also. I never felt rushed or brushed off in any of my visits. The midwives always made time for me to voice any questions or concerns I had.

During the delivery of my baby, my primary midwife was amazing. I felt so comfortable and relaxed with her coaching. My husband, my mother, and a second midwife were present with me in the room. That's it. No doctors. no nurses, no strangers. It was a very special and intimate experience. I would not have changed a thing. I'm SO glad I chose to place myself and my baby under the care of a midwife. It just makes the entire experience so much more positive and relaxed and rewarding. I recommend it for any pregnant mother!”

Megan Wylie

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